Naples Harbour by Carole Adams
September 2018
3 Chair's Evening
10 Set Subject Competition and Salon
Judged by Members
17 Panoramic Imaging
by Gareth Davies
Bring Prints for for 1 October 
24 Photostory Evening No.1
by Members
October 2018
1 Print Competition No.1
Judged by Steve Lawrenson ARPS APAGB
8 Photographically Challenged
Gerald Kitiyakara LRPS
Send PDI for 22 October
15 PIMs
by Ian Brash BPE1* and Pat Couder
PDI Competition No.1
Judged by Sheena Rogers
SLF PDI Competition
Judged by Martin Faiers
VENUE:South London PS
29 Off the Beaten Track
by Ann and Dave Rayers
Bring Prints for for 12 November 
November 2018
5 SLF Colour Print Competition
Judged by David Eastley LRPS
12 Print Competition No.2
Judged by Bob Webzell ARPS EFIAP
Send PDI for 26 November
19 Time to Stand and Stare
Continuing my Journey
by Vanda Ralevska
SLF Mono Print Competition
Judged by Ian Brash BPE1*
VENUE:Aperture Woolwich
26 PDI Competition No.2
Judged by Helene Rogers FRPS FBIPP FMPA
December 2018
3 My London CafeArt / St Petersburg
by Paul Ryan / by John Cheshire
10 Adventures and Assignments
by Josh Burch

Send PDI for 14 January
January 2019
7 Plains and Peaks
by Gill Peachey LRPS

Bring Prints for 21 January
14 Master Photographer Competition
Judged by Dave Mason
21 Print Competition No.3
Judged by Eddie Hyde ARPS
Send PDI for 4 February
28 London Above, Below and Inbetween
by Umbreen Hafeez
February 2019
4 PDI Competition No.3
Judged by David Eastley LRPS
11 If it's Tuesday it must be London 2
by Steve Lenaerts LRPS
Bring Prints for for 25 February
Changed from printed programme
18 Photostory Evening No.2
by Members
Bring Prints for for 4 March
25 Print Competition No.4
Judged by John Nathan ARPS
March 2019
4 Mono Print Competition
Judged by Monica Weller FRPS
Send PDI for 18 March
11 Beautiful Bugs
18 PDI Competition No.4
Judged by Rob Bonfield
Bring Prints for for 1 April
25 Annual General Meeting
Bring prints for Annual Exhibition
April 2019
1 Portrait and Nature Competitions
Judged by Eddie Hyde ARPS
Changed from printed programme
8 An Evening of Contrasts
by Rosemary Wilman HonFRPS AFIAP BPE5*
15 Workshop
by Members
Bring Prints for for 29 April
SLF Finals Day
VENUE: The Mitre Theatre, Trinity School, Croydon CR9 7AT
Changed from printed programme
29 Print Competition No.5
Judged by Steve Kingswell ARPS AFIAP
May 2019
SPA Interclub PDI Competition
VENUE: East Horsley Village Hall, KT24 6QT
Changed from printed programme
AV Evening
by Graham Sergeant
20 Internal Speakers
by Members Vince Harris ARPS and David Orchard
Upload PDI for 10 June
Changed from printed programme 
June 2019
3 50 Years Through a Lens
by Eddie Hyde ARPS
64th Annual Exhibition
VENUE Carshalton Methodist Church
10 PDI Competition No.5
Judged by Gordon Roots ARPS
Changed from printed programme
17 Outdoor Activity
The Grange 7.30pm
24 Two Competition Prints of the Season
Changed from printed programme
July 2019
1 Closing Evening
Awards and Quiz Night

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