County Hall Staircase Bristol by Derek Murray

Programme 2017-2018

September 2017
11 The Past On Glass Project and Set Subject Competition
by Abby Matthews and Members
Brint Prints for for 25 September
18 Ways of Seeing
by Cathy Roberts
25 Print Competition No.1
Judged by Sheena Rogers
October 2017
2 Print Gallery
by Members
Send PDI for 16 October 
9 Focused Moments
Rachael Talibart LRPS
16 PDI Competition No.1
Judged by James Godber
Brint Prints for for 30 October 
Workshop - Portrait Session and Print Appraisal
by members
SLF PDI Competition
Judged by Andy Smith LRPS
VENUE:Aperture Woolwich
Changed from printed programme
30 Print Competition No.2
Judged by David Eastley LRPS
November 2017
SLF Colour Print Competition
Judged by Martin Faiers
VENUE:Mitcham Camera Club
6 Match the Image Competition v Old Coulsdon Camera Club
Judged by Roger Mendham LRPS
13 Canon: Past, Present and Future
by David Parry

Changed from printed programme
20 Beyond the Summit
by Chris Palmer FRPS EFIAP DPAGB
Send PDI for 4 December
SLF Mono Print Competition
Judged by Marcus Scott-Taggart
VENUE:Beckenham Photographic Society
27 View from Here and Over There
by Lynda Bailey and John Gribble
December 2017
4 PDI Competition No.2
Judged by Rob Bonfield
11 Take That
by Doug Crockett ARPS AFIAP
Changed from printed programme
Bring Prints for 15 January
January 2018
8 A Parting Shot
by Mike Dales ARPS CPAGB
Changed from printed programme
Bring Prints for 22 January
15 Master Photographer Competition
Judged by Clive Tanner FRPS DPAGB
22 Print Competition No.3
Judged by Niall Ferguson LRPS
29 Understanding Art Photography
by Steve Kingswell ARPS AFIAP
Send PDI for 12 February
February 2018
5 SLF Semi Final Competitions
Judged by Steve Kingswell ARPS AFIAP
Bring prints for 19 February
12 PDI Competition No.3
Judged by Graham Johnston ARPS EFIAP DPAGB
19 Mono Print Competition
Judged by Jay Charnock FRPS
26 Home Studio: Flowers Portraits and Still Life
by Polina Plotnikova ARPS
March 2018
5 Workshop
by Members
Bring prints for 12 March
Changed from printed programme
12 Portrait and Nature Competitions
Judged by Rosemary Wilman Hon FRPS AFIAP BPE5
19 A Photographer's Perspective: My Life Through a Lens
by Viveca Koh FRPS

Match the Image Competition
v Photocraft and Cheam Camera Club
VENUE: Cheam Camera Club

26 Annual General Meeting
Bring prints for Annual Exhibition
Send PDI for 9 April
April 2018
9 PDI Competition No.4
Judged by Ian Brash
Changed from printed programme
16 My Fellowship and Beyond
by Linda Wevill FRPS
SLF Finals Day
VENUE: Beckenham Photographic Society
23 Portfolio Evening
by Members
30 AV Appreciation Evening
Award winning sequences from other clubs
Bring prints for 21 May
Changed from printed programme 
May 2018
Inspiration on Your Doorstep
by Alan Thompson FRPS
Changed from printed programme
Print Competition No.4
Judged by Walter Benzie Hon FRPS
Send PDI for 11 June
June 2018
4 Windows of Opportunity
by Dave Mason
Bring Prints for 18 June
63rd Annual Exhibition
VENUE Carshalton Methodist Church
11 PDI Competition No.5
Judged by Don Morley
18 Print Competition No.5
Judged by Paul Graber LRPS
25 My Two Favourite Competition Prints of the Season
Changed from printed programme
July 2018
2 Closing Evening
Awards and Quiz Night

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