Elephant at Water Hole by Penny Ollard

Programme 2016-2017

All meetings start at 8.00pm. Doors open at 7.30pm.

September 2016
5 Chair's Evening
12 Centenarians & Urban Presence
by Jayson Brinkler
Send PDI for 26 September
19 Set Subject and Salon
Judged by Members
26 PDI Competition No.1
Judged by Martin Faiers
October 2016
3 If It’s Tuesday It Must Be London
by Steve Lenaerts LRPS and John Tickner
Bring Prints for 10 October
10 Print Competition No.1
Judged by John Nathan ARPS
17 From iPhoneography to Fellowship
by Viveca Koh FRPS
Workshop - Monochrome
by Jay Charnock FRPS and members
31 SLF Colour Print Competition
by Marcus Scott-Taggart
Bring prints for 7 November
November 2016
7 Print Competition No.2
Judged by David Eastley LRPS
14 Print Gallery
by Members
21 OCD (Old Coulsdon Directions)
by Old Coulsdon Camera Club
Send PDI for 5 December
28 Portfolio Evening
by Members
December 2016
5 PDI Competition No.2
Judged by Edward Hyde LRPS
Changed from Printed Programme 
12 Further Travels With My Trip
by Monica Weller FRPS
Send PDI for 16 January
January 2017
9 Travels With A Tripod
by Steve Wilbur
16 Master Photographer Competition
Judged by Helene Rogers FRPS FBIPP FMPA
Bring prints for 23 January
Changed from Printed Programme
23 Print Competition No.3
Judged by Charles Pearson
Changed from Printed Programme 
30 Going Downhill Slowly
by David Gradidge
Send PDI for 13 February
February 2017
by Jason Wharam DPAGB
13 PDI Competition No.3
Judged by Jeff Penfold ARPS
SLF AV Competition
Judged by Carole Speight ARPS DPAGB APAGB
20 More Grainmakers
by Tonbridge Camera Club
Bring prints for 27 February
27 Mono Print Competition
Judged by Clive Tanner FRPS
Bring prints for 6 March
March 2017
6 Print Competition No.4
Judged by Bob Turner FRPS
13 Workshop - Nature Photography
by members
20 The Experience of Creating Images
by Vanda Ralevska
Send PDI for 3 April 
27 Annual General Meeting
April 2017
3 PDI Competition No.4
Judged by Steve Lawrenson ARPS APAGB
10 The AV Forum Presents
by CCC AV Forum
Bring prints for 24 April
24 Portrait and Nature Competitions
Judged by Bob Webzell ARPS EFIAP
May 2017
SLF Finals Day
VENUE: Beckenham
8 Orpen Scully - A Photographic Partnership
by Jill Orpen and John Scully
Bring prints for Annual Exhibition
SPA Inter Club PDI Competition
VENUE: East Horsley
Feel The Land
Landscape Photography and Emotion
by Astrid McGechan
Bring prints for 22 May
Print Competition No.5
Judged by Steve Kingswell ARPS AFIAP
Send PDI for 12 June
June 2017
5 Bleeding London, Breathing London
by Del Barrett ARPS
62nd Annual Exhibition
VENUE Carshalton Methodist Church

Changed from Printed Programme
12 PDI Competition No.5
Judged by Marcus Scott-Taggart
Send PDI for 26 June
19 Local Photo Challenge
VENUE The Grange, Beddington Park
26 PDI of the Year
Judged by
Rachael Talibart LRPS
July 2017
3 Quiz Night and Closing Evening
by Members

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