by Mike Dales ARPS

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The History of the Club

Early in 1950, Band-Corporal Peter Stroud of 3rd The Kings' Hussars in Germany received a request (which amounted to an order) from his Commanding Officer to design a photographic darkroom and organise a regimental camera club. This was done and, at the first meeting, Peter was elected Chairman, a position which he held until leaving the Army in November 1952. The 3rd Hussars Camera Club was very successful, its members gaining many awards in Open competitions throughout B.A.O.R.

Whilst on leave in the summer of 1952, Peter attended the first Arts and Crafts Exhibition organised by the newly-formed Carshalton Arts Council held at The Grove in Carshalton. There were a few photographs on display, mainly of postcard size, and not of the standard which had been reached inGermany. He enquired about local camera clubs and was surprised to find that none existed in either Carshalton or Wallington, so discussed the matter with a family friend, James L. Bacon A.I.B.P., Vice-President of the Institute of British Photographers, and enlisted his assistance in setting up what became Carshalton Camera Club.

Early in November 1952, they contacted Kodak and Ilford Ltd., plus local photographic retailers and submitted details to local papers, the Amateur Photographer magazine and the British Journal of Photography. The first meeting was held at the Fox and Hounds in Carshalton High Street. Those who attended included Henry Clay, his wife, and George Rowbottom (all from Mitcham Camera Club), John Orchard and Reg Wilshier A.R.P.S. (from Sutton Camera Club), and Barbara Smith and Peter Woolerton. Jimmy Bacon chaired the meeting.

At this inaugural meeting, Henry Clay was elected Chairman, a position which he was to hold for many years. Peter Stroud was